What type of floor is best for my home?

What type of floor is best for my home?

One of the most common questions we get at Newcastle Carpet and Flooring is Which timber, laminate, hybrid or vinyl plank hard floor should I use in my home?

The short answer is which floor is best for you and your property or the specific conditions of your home. Each of the main types of hard floors can be equally successful provided they are professionally installed to the manufacturer’s specifications and in the right setting. What do I mean by the right setting?

For example, laminate is a manmade product. It’s basically artificial timber, a compressed high-density wood with resins and additives to make it very hard and quite durable. This base is covered by a film that is basically a photo to produce the look and colour. That film is covered by a wear layer. Laminate is a great product and has been successful for many years in many homes. It is also quite easy on the wallet, especially when compared to a natural Australian timber or European Oak. But let’s say you have a pool out back and the kids walk straight in dripping wet? Well… Laminate is not going to be the ideal product for you as it can be affected by water.

 Laminate Flooring by Terra Mater

You would be better off looking at a waterproof product like Hybrid or vinyl plank.

Let’s talk about hybrid. It’s a great looking synthetic product, extremely durable and easy to clean so great for families with pets and kids (not necessarily in that order, yes…I have kids and yes…at times I prefer my pets). Also, 100% waterproof so the kids won’t wreck it when they walk in dripping wet. It is generally a little more than laminate but not much.

 Hydroplank Hybrid Flooring Waterproof Family Friendly Flooring

It’s a floating type installation system which means we need to leave a 10mm expansion gap all the way around the perimeter. We obviously need to cover this gap so it looks right! At Newcastle Carpet and Flooring we fit manufacture specified colour matched scotia (a small 15mm fitting/moulding) all the way around your skirting boards, undercut the door jams (the product runs straight under, no scotia required) and colour matched trims to your doorways. “But I don’t want scotia?” No problem, we can pop and replace your skirting boards. This will cover the expansion gap and no scotia will be required.

“But I don’t want to pop and replace my skirtings?” O.K… maybe we should look at glued down vinyl plank. This cuts straight to your skirtings with no gap or scotia required.

  Miplank by Polyflor Glue Down vinyl planks Family and Pet Friendly

Vinyl plank has had a bit of a push under from the massive marketing behind the newer product-hybrid. I have heard some comments like “vinyl plank gaps in the joints”. This is not correct so long as the plank has been installed by a professional team with the correct floor preparation to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is where Newcastle carpet and flooring really shines. We are constantly training our teams in conjunction with the manufacturers of the products we are installing. Our teams are directly employed by us, we don’t use shoddy contractors. We don’t do separate cash payments to installers for floor preparation or separate elements of the installation. We do a full installation including all elements under the one purchase agreement at an excellent price! This means you are fully guaranteed and protected by law.

Flooring is a significant investment and one that should add a good amount of value to your home. We are as careful as you would be with your property. It is our aim at Newcastle Carpet and Flooring to install great floors and have ecstatic customers. So far, it’s paid off, we have a great reputation as you can see by our honest reviews.

It would be great if you could come in store and let us work out with you what is the best flooring for you. Let us take care of all the hard work and take the worry out of it.

If you deal with us, you will have a good outcome.

See you soon!


David Longhurst
Managing Director
Cert III in Flooring Tech

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