Hybrid Flooring

Modern, Tough, Authentic.

Inspired by natural timber, Hybrid flooring combines the look and feel of natural surroundings with the technological attributes of modern materials.

Hybrid boards are a 100% waterproof flooring, virtually stain proof, extremely scratch resistant and easy to maintain. Which means peace of mind for  a busy home just like yours. 

Excellent for kitchen, dining, halls lounge rooms and anywhere there’s high activity and usage. Feel confident to install them in any high traffic area.

Newcastle Carpet & Flooring has the best hybrid at the most reasonable price. Newcastle Carpet & Flooring also have the best teams to install your flooring in Newcastle.

Heartridge Highland Oak in Regal Cove.                          Plank size: 7mm x 228mm x 1840mm with a 0.55mm wear layer and acoustic backing.

Metropol Colour: Fallow Oak Hybrid Plank                                                    Plank Size: 6.5mm x 228mm x 1500mm with 0.5mm Wear layer 

Apollo Hardwood featured here in Blackbutt Elegant                      Plank Size: 6.5mm x 152mm x1830mm with a 0.5mm wear layer